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Monday, 7 July 2014

Ultrasound Shockwave Therapy

Hello wonderful blog readers,

Today I experienced something so odd and weird! Ultrasound Shockwave Therapy! Most of you probably won't know what that is, but neither did I until earlier today! I wanted to write about this as when I found out that I was having it, I couldn't find anyone that had been through the treatment so I didn't know what it was going to be like.  

Lets rewind a few years!!

As I'm a keen figure skater and have been for 14 years, I do loads elements that require a hell of a lot of flexibility! After years and years of skating, I started getting a lot of pain and discomfort in my right hip. If I moved a certain way, it looked like my hip was popping out (I know, I know it sounds disgusting, but it was funny to see! ;0) Anyway, after I had physio on it for a year, my hip was still so, so sore! I went back to my consultant, I was diagnosed with ' Iliopsoas Tendinitis' aka 'Snapping Hip Syndrome'.  Shortly after, I was diagnosed with 'Scoliosis' (abnormal, lateral curvature in the spine), at the same time I had a steroid injection in my right hip. It was so painful and I couldn't walk for a few days. The effects from the injection wore off and my left hip was also starting to give me a lot of pain. I was then offered 'Ultrasound Shockwave Therapy.'

My first session (today) wasn't as bad as I was expecting! The machinery looked scary, it looked like a big drill!! It sounded like a jackhammer!! The physio therapist put the ultrasound gel on my hip.. It was certainly a shock to the system!! It felt like someone was pinching my hip really hard and really quickly, but that feeling soon went and my leg felt numb, like I'd got pins and needles.  After the session was over, I didn't really feel a difference, but it definitely wasn't as painful as I was expecting!

After skating this evening, both of my hips feel quite achy, (the right hip more than the left), but other than that no pain whatsoever. But there is a little side effect that I have found, I get a little sharp pain in my hip (the same feeling as the therapy) and then, my leg twitches, (looks a bit funny when you're just walking around though! ;0)

Thank you for reading my post, and I hope that I have helped someone out there, wanting to know what this therapy is like!

Thank you for reading, you wonderful internet lovers!

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